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Spatial Datalyst was founded by Alan McCulley, who also led the development of Telecom Data eXplorer. After over four decades of experience in the RF industry and rising to a senior executive position with some of the largest telecom service providers in the industry, Alan decided to step out as an entrepreneur with a business plan and solution strategy shaped by decades of real world, hard knock, tough experience.

A seasoned executive, Alan assembled a team of software developers, fellow executives, and advisors to field a solution to some of the RF industry's most vexing problems. This team works to reduce the uncertainty and cost associated with RF deployments.

Leadership Team

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Alan McCulley - Founder

Alan has been the Director, Product Management, for Alcatel Network Management Products, the VP, Customer Service at Alcatel Network Systems, the VP, Customer Service at Chiaro Networks, and the Director, Microwave Systems for Goodman Networks.

While at Alcatel, Alan was responsible for managing the entire Sprint 4G network roll out, an experience that was as informative as it was complex.
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Mark Goode - President

Mark has over 30 years of experience working with startups, investors’ and Federal Government Agencies. He has raised over $60M in capital, launched and deployed the first Wi-Fi network. Mark is a recognized expert in wireless data and communication networks and contract negotiations between startups and investors, corporations and national and international government entities.
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George Kizer - Chief Technology Officer

George has forty plus years of experience in the Telecommunications industry. George's roles have included Systems Engineer, Project Manager and Product Manager with Collins Radio, Rockwell International and Alcatel as well as consulting with the major telecommunications operators and vendors.

He has authored two microwave books and contributed to another. He is Editor for Wiley IEEE Series on RF and Microwave, President, National Spectrum Management Association (NSMA), Chairman, TIA TR-45 Working Group for Microwave Systems, former Chairman, TIA Fixed Point-to-Point Microwave Section and currently chairman of the Technical Committee of the Fixed Wireless Communications Coalition (FWCC). He also authored the Commscope Microwave Path Design course.
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Larry DuBroc - VP, Sales

Larry focuses on business development and sales. He has spent over 25 years in large telecommunications corporations such as Nokia/Alcatel, AT&T and Verizon where he consistently generated net revenues from $25M to $60M. He produced the largest corporate margins through managing customer relationships combined with keeping expenses within 5% of budget.
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Gary Brown - VP, Sales Operations

Gary has spent over 20 years in IP network convergence from design, development and deployment which contributed to major corporations’ revenue growing them to over $165M per year. IP network convergence has led to the development of the next generation of technology networks, like 5G, on which an array of technologies from augmented reality to AI are developed and delivered.

From these corporations he moved to companies focused on IP Networks where he increased revenue and positioned them for acquisition. The companies were then acquired by Alcatel and Oracle.

After the acquisition of these companies he joined Verizon Network Analytics which brought together Verizon’s different analytical groups such as Data Science and Cognitive Intelligence and Big Data and Artificial and Analytics Systems. Gary created business solutions for the monetization of AI and Autonomous Drone Applications.
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Pam Roberts - VP, Marketing

Pam has over 20 years of experience working with multinational wireless technology providers and generated revenues of $35M to over $3B such as Ericsson Services and Cisco Services. Her roles focused on providing analytical evaluations covering industry dynamics, impact of regulatory actions, competitive alternatives and financial performance matrixed to customer requirements, sales models and operational efficiencies tied market and revenue opportunities.


Wade McKin

Wade works as a Microwave Solutions Architect for CACI, the same position he held at Fujitsu Systems. Prior to that he was a microwave transmission engineer at CIC. Wade has had extensive experience in design, installation, project management, and team management.

Ken Lewis

Ken has over 25+ years of executive experience in technology. He was the CEO of Netsocket, the CEO of Chiaro Networks, the Sr. VP Transmission Products at Alcatel USA, and has extensive experience in IP networking, fiber optic technology, and microwave radio technology.